Alors que l’affiche est complète, le festival nous met l’eau à

la bouche en nous dévoilant son Hymne pour sa 25ème édition.

25 years of love screaming, Dancing : We are Dour, are you in?

Driving On Usual Road
Dreaming Out Urgent Relief
Dump our Ungrateful Routine
Don’t Obscur Utopic Response :

Dancing Ogre, Underground Robots
Dolls Operate Unique Rythm
Discover Obsess Uncle Ravioli
Disco Open Ultraviolet Roof

Doors Open Until Reset
Dub Offer Untypical Rhymes
Drift Over Universal Roots
Delight Of Uncommon Residence

Dirty Ocean Ultrasound Rain
Dream Orgasm Underwear Refill
Dread Ode Useful Romance
Disguise Omnibus Urinating Ranch

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